Whispering Pines 
 Airpark (GA80)
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Print Procedures

  Fly the arrival pattern shown below following the red line.  Always land to the north.  This overhead pattern affords the pilot the opportunity to check the runway (some aircraft don't have radios and you won't see them on downwind or base), and check the windsock.  It also allows anyone on the ground a chance to see that an aircraft is approaching and move away from the runway.  If radio-equipped, transmit your position and intentions on 122.725. 

Turn left crosswind as shown over the north end of the runway.  Making your turn farther north will interfere with the Lenora Park traffic pattern 1mi north.  Enter a normal left downwind.  At this point, the tall trees at the west edge of the runway will obscure your view of the runway.  However, you can use the two small lakes at the south end of the runway as a reference for the runway threshold. 

Make your normal landing pattern.  you will re-acquire the runway as you turn final.  We recommend that you consider the use of the short field approach technique for your aircraft.  As you clear the tall trees on final, you should be stabilized on your desired approach airspeed and in a position to touch down within the first quarter of the runway.  If not, go around and re-enter the pattern.  Delaying a go-around past this point may be unsafe due to the tall trees at the north end of the runway.

  Always take-off to the south.  For noise abatement, departing aircraft will fly a 140 degree magnetic heading until reaching 1,500' MSL prior to turning on course. 

If radio-equipped, transmit your departure intentions prior to takeoff roll (those on downwind and base cannot see you because of the trees)

  Headwinds/Tailwinds:  If you determine, as Pilot-In-Command, that existing wind and/or weather conditions are unsafe for our "land north, take-off south" runway, you should consider the airport closed and wait for more favorable flying conditions.  Covington (9A1) and Gwinnett County (LZU) airports are good alternates within easy driving distance.

Night Landings:  Night landings are strictly prohibited.  No landings will occur between 30min after sunset to 30min before sunrise.

Radios:  Keep in mind that both radio and non-radio equipped aircraft operate at Whispering Pines

Obstructions: Be aware of the power lines approximately one mile southeast and the tall radio tower three miles south of the runway.

Overhead Class B Airspace:  The floor of the Atlanta Class B Airspace is 4000 MSL over Whispering Pines


Print Procedures